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Welcome to Inner Essence,


I’m Renata, a mother, therapist, doula and life lover. 


From my heart, 

I meet you with compassion and invite you to find a place of stillness, self-connection and deepened experience of your body (Feel).  


From my heart, 

I listen to your health through gentle touch, enabling your body to re-connect with its innate wisdom and ability to restore energy for self-repair (Balance).


From my heart, 

I witness your self-healing paths, held patterns of experience unfolding, insights being experienced as catalysts for sense of wholeness, well-being and ease (Flow).


It’s my honour to be present to support you at your own self-healing pace.


With gratitude,





Words of gratitude

I had such a beautiful session from Renata today. She holds a calm and nurturing presence with a soft and grounding touch. The therapy she offers is one of a quiet, transformative depth. My nervous system felt so settled afterwards...although I could have stayed on the massage table all day in the bliss state! Thank you again, Renata



 Doonan  0426 817 407

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